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Dr Sharon Wong is a UK trained, GMC registered Consultant Dermatologist based at The Shard, London and provides medical and surgical treatments for a range of skin conditions. Recognising the limitations of traditional trichology, and wanting to demystify the complexities behind skin and hair issues, Dr Sharon has created an integrated and medically led approach to skin health, hair loss and scalp issues, combining medical trichology with dermatology.

One of few UK dermatologists to specialise in hair and scalp disorders, Dr Sharon underwent extensive training to carve this niche, and is renowned for her holistic assessments, warm and understanding nature, clear-cut diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Her unique insight and expertise in treating complex hair loss and scalp conditions, particularly among Asian and Afro-Caribbean patients are what make her one of London’s most sought-after specialists.

With a passion for changing the narrative around hair loss, Dr Sharon is committed to creating a more educated and empowered stance around the psychological impact of the condition. With this in mind, she created ‘Get Ahead of Hair Loss’, a charitable foundation which holds public educational events, bringing together leading UK experts in hair science, dermatology, trichology, hairdressing, cosmetic camouflage and psychology to raise awareness and create conversation. In September 2020, Dr Sharon appeared as part of an assembly of 12 leading medical experts to help diagnose patients with life-changing symptoms on BBC 2’s The Diagnosis Detectives, and on BBCiPlayer’s Skin. Combining medical trichology with dermatology, and fast becoming known as ‘The Trichoderm’, Dr Sharon brings her own specialist theories and insights to give patients the answers they need.


Knowing that hair is a sensitive barometer of general health, and that the psychological impact of hair loss is underestimated, Dr Sharon ensures each patient feels a restored sense of confidence and clarity, followed by effective, medically-led treatments – the gateway to full rounded skin, hair and scalp health.


BSc (Hons), MBBS (Distinct), MRCP. MRCP (uk) DERM​

Founder of GAoHL

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